Karen used her special talents to do the morning weather announcements.

Harry Potter + happiness.


Fish fingers and custard pie and a penguin bow tie.

So of all my fav pairings in DW my first and most beloved otp will always be the Doctor and Rose and a few weeks back I found a delightful little one shot AU on lj where Eleven owns a little cafe and Rose becomes the dessert chef and I fell absolutely in love with it (and proceeded to read all of soaring_smiles fanfiction because they are all amazing and there is loads of ElevenxRose too and it makes me weep with joy). So anyway… yeaahh…*goes back to hiding in the corner*

Happy Birthday, Draco Malfoy!


Billie Piper x


reasons why i am late answering your message:

  • i have been attacked by a pack of wolves
  • there was a bear
  • i actually checked your message when i first got it, and decided to respond later, but then forgot about it